Nov. 16: Supper with Dennis & Gwenda in Virden

Nov. 15: Visit with Andy & Judy at The Keg.

Nov. 13: Meeting in Rivers.

Nov12: TM-SPHA Meeting in Boissevain.

Nov. 9 & 10: Geoff visits.

Nov. 4: Renna's Birthday Party

Oct 28 - 30: Cat sit for Geoff. Walk with Tim & Deb. Supper at Jerry & Marlene's. Supper with Donna and Dave. Shopping.

Oct. 25: Bev BDay - Lunch at Firehouse - supper at Marinos

Oct 24: Road trip (work) Carberry and Sidney

Oct 16: Supper at Viva's with Geoff.

Oct. 15 Supper with D&D and Tim & Deb - Stayed overnight.

Oct 13: Scott & Pearl's

Oct 8: Wayne & Cynthia - supper.

Sept. 21 - Oct 1: Hawaii Trip
Travel Gallery....

Sept 10: TM-DPHA Meeting. I hiked in to the site of the original Riverside Bridge

Photos and Story

Sept. 3: Day Trip - Clear Lake & Dauphin Lake,  Dauphin
Sept. 1: First Edition of "Turtle Mountain Mud" is ready for distribution.

Also on YouTube...

Aug. 25-27: Winnipeg. Geoff's - supper at the Forks. Sunday Donna and Dave's.
Did some shoping.....

Aug. 22: Minnedosa Beach

August 18: Birthday Party for Blaine at the Park.

August 7 - 17: Cabin at Winnipeg Beach. Geoff, Wayne & Cynthia's and Linda visited. Donna and Dave came for a supper.

Winnipeg Beach 2018

 Tuesday, August 7: Left home at about 10:30. Stopped in Stonewall, Bakery & Tim Hortons.
James's Cabin, 111 Second St. The water was low, the nearby beach was very rocky.

Thursday: Wayne, Cynthia and kids arrived in the early afternoon. Very hot day. Paddled.

Friday : Wayne and I paddled early. Linda arrived in the morning. Geoff arrived in the early evening. Paddled again. Ate pizza.

Saturday: Gimli. Geoff, Wayne and I paddled from Willow Island to the north end of the beach. Pickerel Burgers at the beach. Linda went home. More paddling.

Sunday: Kelly's left about noon.

Tuesday: Cooler.
Donna and Dave here for the afternoon and early evening. Beach Boy for supper.

Wednesday:Swim and paddle a main beach.

Thursday" Cool, smokey. Didn't paddle or swim.

July 22- 25 - Bev, Linda, Pearl in Gimli.

July 26-29: Storie Family Reunion - Minnedosa

July 12: Breakfast with Lindsay & Colin.

Nov. 4: Renna's Birthday Party

July 8: Breakfast at Sal's.

July 4: Supper with D&D.

July 1: Ken played with Armadillo at Virden

Bev in Winnipeg at Geoff's. Joan visits.
Storie girls meet at Debbie's

June 5: Oak Lake - swim and paddle.

June 3: Paddle the Little Saskatchewan with Wayne and Sean.

June 2:  Attended "In The Archives" at the Evans Theatre.

May 29: Arden - gathering  while Geordie and Betty-Lynn are visiting.

May 26: Bev went to Yorkton with Linda to pick up their truck.

May 23: Work trip - schools in SWM to deliver Local History Project.

May 21: Paddle with Wayne - then supper at Wayne & Cynthia's

May 19: Supper with Geoff at "One Great City"

May 17: Paddle with Wayne.

May 8-9: Winnipeg trip. Supper with Geoff. D&D's overnihgt.

 May 1 - 11: Series of walks in Brandon - taking photos of our former homes and related sites.

May 1: Visit Donna and Dave in their new home.

April 30: TM-SPHA Meeting in Boissevain. Begab introducing teacher to a new Local History Resource I've been working on.

April 29: Coffee at Wayne & Cynthia's

April 21: Gig at the Crystal with my former band - Crossfyre.

April 9: Lunch with Geoff (his Birthday) - supper with Donna and Dave.

April 8: Supper with Tim & Deb, Jerry & Marlene, Don and Nicole & kids.

April 6: Attended Cynthia's Art Class Show

April 5: Bev visited her cousin Heloise in Gladstone - it was her 85th birthday.

March 29 - 31: Geoff visited. Wayne and Cynthia & kids came for supper on Friday. Lunch at the Dock on Saturday with all.

March 22: TM-SPHA Annual Conference in Deloraine

March  15: Ron and Linda took us out for supper, with Jonah.

Texas Trip 2018

Photo Album & Trip Log


Feb 8

Renville Corner - first stop in US. Stop at Herreid. Overnight at Selby.

Feb. 9

Gas at Pierre about 10:40. Conditions deteriorated just when it was getting too late to turn back.
Stopped a North Platte where it had really started to snow heavily. Room at the Motel 6 

Feb 10

Snow until near Oberlin, Kansas. Stayed at Canadian, Texas. 

Feb 11

Found a Motel 6 right by the junction, at... Junction. 

Feb 12

San Antonio - as advertised. We enjoyed the River Walk, the Alamo, and all the downtown attractions.

Took the Interstate 10 out of town ,multi vehicle pileup, most in ditch, just outside SA, other side of I- 10. and after a hour or so stopped at Flatonia.

Feb 13.

Arrived at the Timeshare about 3. Walked the beach etc. Nice day with fog.
2 weeks of sun, fog, sand, waves, beer, food, reading, walking, playing in the surf.

Visited Freeport & Surfside Beach.

Feb 27

Drive to Galveston - beautiful costal drive. Brunch at Millers. Souvenir shopping. Took the ferry and drove to Jasper. Bad supper at Sonic Burger. Took photos of downtown. Mix of nice old building and general decay.

Feb 28

Crossed in to Louisiana.   Stopped at Pine Bluff, Arkansas a bit south of Little Rock

March 1

Little Rock  city is great in several ways. Reasonably priced hotel within easy walking distance of main attractions.

March 2

Memphis was great. Easy to navigate. Good walk along the river and downtown. Lunch on Beale. Quick trip to Sun Studio.
Headed north and got as far as Sikeston MO. Best Western, good breakfast.

March 3

Took the back roads north through very interesting country.  St. Francois Mountains, and the Ozark Plateau. Mark Twain National Forest.
Stopped at Troy MO.

March 4: Short drive to Hannibal, lots of nice old buildings. Long, but pleasant drive to Sioux City.

March 5 -   Woke up to rain, sleet and wind. By he time we got to Sioux Falls (110 km) it was storming. 
March 7  -  I 29 closed until about 10 am. Roads in bad shape. We decided to stay another night.

March 7 - Winnipeg - March 8 - Brandon

Feb 3 & 4:  Winnipeg trip with Jonah.  Lunch at Donna & Dave's. Good supper with Geoff at "One Great City" Brewpub.
Feb 2: We attended a celebration of the life of our friend Ron Gould at Napanka. As per Ron's wishes many of the musicians he had played with over the decades provided music.

Jan: 30: Interview Project -  in Hartney

Jan. 28: Premiere of "Brandon's Steamy Past" at the Evan Theatre and reception for crew afterwards. I did writing, research and
narration for the 45 minute documentary.

Jan. 28: Wayne, Cynthia & Kids over for pizza.
Jan: 25: Interview Project -  in Hartney

Jan: 16: TM-SPHA Meeting - Minto

Jan. 12: Alumni Niight at BU - Bobcats BBall - with Andy & Judy

Dec 31: Party at Tim & Deb's

Dec 29: Crossfyre at the Firehouse