Jan: 30: Interview Project -  in Hartney
Jan: 25: Interview Project -  in Hartney
Jan: 16: TM-SPHA Meeting - Minto

Jan. 12: Alumni Niight at BU - Bobcats BBall - with Andy & Judy

Dec 31: Party at Tim & Deb's

Dec 29: Crossfyre at the Firehouse

Dec 24 - 26: Geof out. Jonah here for Christmas Eve, Boxing day at Cynthia and Wayne's

Dec 1 & 2: Crossfyre at the Crystal

Nov. 25: Gig at PSS

Nov. 16: TM-SPHS Meeting in Boissevain.

 Nov 11-12 - Winnipeg trip. Bev & Donna went to MTC - Supper with D&D. Stayed at Geoff's.

Nov 3&4: Crossfyre at the Crystal

Oct 30: Helped Geordie and Betty get ready to move.

Oct 27& 28: Crossfyre at the Sandills Casino. Bev. Geoff and Jonah came on Sat. night.

Oct. 22: Bev and the girls went for supper. Betty-Lynn moving soon.
Oct 21: Winnipeg Trip. Took Geoff's truck back. Lunch with him. Supper at Donna and Dave's.
Oct 20: Work trip to the Hartney - Lauder area.
Oct 19. Work trip to Elgin and area.
Oct 15: Road trip to Miniota, Uno, Isabella etc...

Oct. 16: TM-SPHA Meeting - Pierson.
Oct 14: Visit to Neepawa - to help Geordie & Betty-Lynn get ready to move. Supper.
Oct. 13: Crossfyre at the Prairie Firehouse
Oct 12. Bell-MTS Forum - regarding their finacial support for local video production.

Oct . 10: Hike to the Gregory Mill. First chance to see the new sign that Ken produced for the equestrian group that manages the trail.

Oct 7-10. Geoff visit. Family supper with C&W.

Oct. 7: Hike - Brandon Hills

Oct. 6: Trip to the site of Brandon House with Tom Mitchell and friends.

Oct 5: Work trip to Minto and hike along the Souris River at Riverside.

Oct 4: Work trip to Elgin.

Sept. 30: Crossfyre at the Winnipegosis Harvest Dance

Sept. 29:  Bev and I attended the Retirement Party for Connie Moffat at Murphy's Pub in Souris - had good chats with many old friends.

Sept 28: Visited the site of the abandonned Grand Trunk Pacific bridge east of Brandon. Great day for photos.

Sept. 27: Tour of old Coal Mine site near Goodlands with film maker Ken Mackenzie-Cochrane  and historian Bob Caldwell.
Shooting some video for a documentary about the mines. Beautiful fall afternoon.

Sept. 25: Quick trip to Winnipeg. Lunch with Geoff. Supper at Donna's.

Sept. 16: Goodbye Ford Focus - hello Ford Fiesta - downsizing!

Sept 15 & 16: Crossfyre at the Sandhills Casino. Bev came out on Friday and we visited with Gord & Rita.

Sept: 12: Work trip to Boissevain, Dromore Lake, Lake Metigoshe and ending with a swim and paddle at William Lake.

Smoke haze made for interesting light. William Lake

Lake Metigoshe

Sept 10: Quick trip to Ron and Linda's to pick up Bev and some vegetables. Swim at Spruce Woods on the way back.

Fall colours starting to show at Spruce Woods.

Sept. 8 & 9: Crossfyre at the Crystal

Sept 6 & 7: Trip to Winnipeg. Took Donna and Dave out for their 45th Anniversary. Shopped and walked in St. Boniface and Corydon area. Donna
took us on a tour of Dalnavert where she volunteers. Bev stayed at Geoff's. Linda visited her.

Aug 28 - Sept 3: Willow Island Cabin - & Day trip to Hecla
Donna and Dave visited.

Aug. 18:
Aug 17: Tour Spruce Sands etc. Pick up Jonah after Bomber game. Snacks and drinks with the boys at Original Joe's.

Aug 16: Tour Gimli.
Aug. 15: Paddle to Downtown Beach. Scott & Pearl arrive for a visit.
Aug 14: Walk downtown. Swim. Errands - swim again. Pizza.
Aug 13: Paddle with Geoff

Aug 12: Geoff arrives. Walk to pier to view meteor shower.
Aug 11. Donna and Dave come for supper.
Aug 9: Arrive at the Wpg. Beach cabin.

Aug. 8. Last narration work for "Brandon's Steamy Past."

August 7: Visit with Gwenda and Dennis at Clear Lake.

August 6 & 7: Visit with Pearl and Scott. Road trip to the Olha / Seech Lake area.

July 30 - Aug 1: Road trip. South Beach Hotel for two nights. Geoff stayed one night, Donna and Dave joind us for supper on the second night.
Paddled and swam with  Geoff at Patricia Beach and Gull Lake. Visited Twin Lakes beach and St. Ambroise on the way home.

Great beach and paddle time at St. Ambroise.

July 29: Filled in with Armadillo at Virden. Good friends, good musicians. Fun as always.

July 27: Swim and paddle at William Lake.

July 24: Trip to Riding Mtn. Park. Lake Audy. Lake Katherine. Swim at Clear lake. Short visit with Linda and Cynthia in their campsite.

July 21: Donna's Birthday - gathering at Jerry's. Stayed at Geoff's. Lunch with D&D and Geoff at Brazen Hall - Brew Pub.

July 18: Lunch and visit with Lindsay & Colin.

July 17: Grant & Carol visit

July 13-16: Storie Family Reunion.

July 2: Paddle on the Little Saskatchewan

June 30:  I was invited to a Consultation Meeting on a new Cultural Policy for Manitoba and had the opportunity to present a few thoughts.

June 27: Short paddle with Wayne on the Assiniboine

June 25: Betty-Lynn & Geordie treated Pearl & Scott, Linda & Ron , & us to supper at the Corral in Neepawa

June 24:  Pearl, Betty-Lynn , & I took Linda to Blue Hills bakery for lunch ,Twisters after. Linda's Birthday supper at Wayne and Cynthia's. Kim's again!

June 18: Crossfyre at Little Valley Jamboree. Geoff, Cynthia and kids here for Father's Day.
June 17: Linda, Pearl, Betty-Lynn ,Cynthia, Renna & Sean kept me company & pampered me all day!
June 16-17: Crossfyre at the Crystal
June 16: Geoff off to Clear Lake for 2 nights to a RBC golf tournament
June 15:  Bev home in time to enjoy Pz Express supper with Ken,  Jonah & Geoff here,too.
June 13: Bev had surgery, Dr Dhalla said it went well.
June 11: Donna & Dave came out for supper, Jonah joined us for Kim's supper!
June 10: We hosted a birthday party for Cynthia. (Linda & Ron, Jonah, & us.)

June 9: We were guests at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Rivers Train Station. (Brandon Sun Article)
The Lieutenant Governor was there to unveil a plaque. A nice lunch was served etc.
We have worked with the  River's Train Station Restoration Committee over the years on various Heritage Projects and recently prepared a series of  Interpretive Signs for them.

May 29: Short work meeting at Carberry, then went to Sandhills Casino for lunch and a walk at Camp Hughes on the way home.

May 25: Ken has started working with a local filmaker on a video about Brandon's Railway History. He will be doing the writing and some narration.

May 22: Short paddle on the Assiniboine with Wayne and Sean

May 20 & 21: Winnipeg trip.  Lunch at Olympia with Geoff.  Delivered Geoff's cat. (Sammy) Visited with D&D supper & overnight,.  Sun am  visited J&M, B&K and kids. Lunch with D&D and Geoff at Confusion Corner Bar & Grill. Take out Chinese with Geoff & home after.

May 19: Gig at Prairie Firehouse

May 13: Geordie & Betty-Lynn's yard sale. Scott & I toured the Farmery Estate Brewery in Neepawa.

May12: Doreen's funeral at Neepawa. I hiked around Neepawa Park. On the way home we visited the site of an old rail crossing near Rapid City.

May 9: Sharing Session at the Baldur Museum to gather information
for our Icelandic Settlement Project

May 7: We took Geoff to meet Tim at Humpty's. They are golfing at Shilo & Tim is taking Geoff home. Ken & I got McD breakfast & I got TH.
May 6: TH, Ken & Geoff golfed, Jonah joined us for Pz Ex supper.
May 5: Geoff brought his truck out to park it at Jonah's. We had Tasty's take out supper at Cynthia's.
Aptil 29: Visit with Pearl & Scott. Took the back roads and photographed some sites.

May 5: I made a series of presentations at the Southwest Horizon School Division Mini-WE Day. The topic was Metis History.

April 31: Hiking at Souris Mouth and region.

April 28: Presented a session I call, "Local History Matters" to the Rural and Northern Archives Association.

April 22: Crossfyre played at the Prairie Firehouse.

April 23: Attended the showing of Tom Mitchell's new film: "Before Brandon: The Grand Rapids of the Assiniboine".

April 21: Hike in Souris Bend

April 15 - 16: Grand Forks with Jonah & Geoff. Great time!

April 14: Jonah's birthday. Supper at Donna and Dave's with Jonah & Geoff.

April 9: Phoned Geoff - his birthday. Lunch with Jonah.

April 8: Gig at Prairie Social Singles

April 7: Drive to Wawanesa area - photography, walk.

April 6: Drive and walk - Riverside & Bunclody area

April 4: Hike  to the Brandon Rapids

April 3: Hike at Kirkham's Bridge

March 31: Crossfyre at the Prairie Firehouse. Donna visits.

March 24 & 25: Crossfyre at the Crystal

March 18: Family gathering (Pam and family visiting from KC, Jerry & Marlene hosted it)  in Winnipeg. Stayed at Geoff's new place.

March 13: TM-SPHA Conference in Deloraine. Made a presentation, helped organized the event.
Presentation as a website.

March 1:   Ken went to a Wheat Kings game with Andy

Feb. 24: Volleyball at BU with Andy & Judy

Feb. 18:  Winnipeg to see Donna and Dave. Went to Orig. Joe's with Geoff.

Feb. 10: Geoff visited.

Feb. 7:  Met Bill Warren and Betty at the Forty to see Nuthin' But Trouble

Jan 14: First day of reasonable weather for some time. Visit to Linda & Ron's. Good trip down to the river on snowshoes.

Jan 9: TM-SPHA Meeting in Waskada

Jan 6& 7: Crossfyre at the Crystal

Dec 31: Crossfyre at the A.N.A.F.

Dec 24- 29: Jonah & Geoff were with us for a few days at  Christmas, with Christmas dinner hosted by Cynthia, Wayne, Renna & Sean.  Then we will closed out the year with a large gathering of the Storie clan  (all siblings and quite a few offspring) at Tim and Deb's on December  29.