January & Feb. Great snow for CC Skiing but a bit cold at times.


Dec. 22: Several daily snowshoe excursions across the street....great weather.

Dec 13: Birthday trip to Winnipeg. Supper at Lovey's with all my siblings and their spouses.

Dec.4: Daily Cross Country Skiing for a week now, - ACC Grounds and beyond.

Oct 24: Road trip (work) Carberry and Sidney

Sept. 21 - Oct 1: Hawaii Trip

Travel Gallery....

Sept 10: TM-DPHA Meeting. Later, I hiked in to the site of the original Riverside Bridge

Photos and Story

Sept. 1: First Edition of "Turtle Mountain Mud" ready for distribution.
Also on YouTube...

Sept. 3: Day Trip - Clear Lake & Dauphin Lake,  Dauphin

Aug. 25-27: Winnipeg. Geoff's - supper at the Forks. Sunday Donna and Dave's.
Did some shopping.....

August 7 - 17: Cabin at Winnipeg Beach. Geoff, Wayne & Cynthia's and Linda visited. Donna and Dave came for a supper.

Winnipeg Beach 2018

Wayne, Cynthia and kids visited. Paddled.
Linda and Geoff  also visited.
Geoff, Wayne and I paddled from Willow Island to the north end of the beach.
Donna and Dave here for the afternoon and early evening.

July 26-29: Storie Family Reunion - Minnedosa

June 3: Paddle the Little Saskatchewan with Wayne and Sean.

April 30: TM-SPHA Meeting in Boissevain. Began introducing teachers to a new Local History Resource I've been working on.

March 22: TM-SPHA Annual Conference in Deloraine

Texas Trip 2018

Photo Album & Trip Log

Feb 2: We attended a celebration of the life of our friend Ron Gould at Napanka.
As per Ron's wishes many of the musicians he had played with over the decades provided music.

Jan. 28: Premiere of "Brandon's Steamy Past" at the Evan Theatre and reception for crew afterwards. I did writing, research and
narration for the 45 minute documentary.

News 2017

July 13-16: Storie Reunion

Summer trips to William Lake

Jonah visited us at the cabin - made a trip to Arnes, Riverton etc.

Oct 22: Trip to Uno, Wakpa Tanka, Silver Bend

Brandon Rapids

Grand Forks ND

March TM-SPHA Conference in Deloraine

Why Local History Matters - Ken Storie:

School textbooks, by their very nature, are short on local details. These details, however, when presented along with the “overview” provided by the approved texts, can help students better appreciate the role of their community, and history in general. Ken will offer examples from our area and explain a Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association project that we hope will help.

  News 2016

Nov. 17: Attended Gordon Goldsboro's book launch presentation for "Abandoned Manitoba" at the Library.

Nov. 17: Work trip to the Reimer Aboriginal Burial Site in the Max Lake area, with David Neufeld & Archaeologists from the Historic Resources Branch.

Nov. 9. Minto - Heaslip trip. Lunch and trip to the railway fill between Heaslip and Bunclody.

A ravine crossing on the Great Northern Line.  (More info...)

Nov. 5: Took video of Wayne & Brent paddling the rapids at the Little Saskatchewan Hydro Dam site.

Wayne paddling the Little Saskatchewan on Nov. 5.  More info...

Oct. 7: Band Jam for Cancer at the 40.

Crossfyre at the North 40. More info...

Oct. 3: Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association meeting in Boissevain.

Oct. 2: Drive through the Turtle Mountain area. Walk through the Salter / Henderson Coal Mine site, visit to Lake Stanley & Whitewater Lake. Swim and paddle at William Lake.

The Lake Stanley Recreation area - a small beach & campground on the west side of Turtle Mountain, near the border.

Sept. 24: Ken made a short presentation to the Association of Manitoba Museums Annual Conference in Boissevain.

Sept. 20: Work trip to Killarney & Boissevain with a stop at William Lake and a hike to the Turtle's Back.

Sept. 18: Hike to the overlook on the Gregory Mill Trail.

Sept. 15. Tour of Historic Sites in the Pierson - Lyleton area with Bill Warren and Neale Daniels.

The remains of this old stone house sit facing the US Border south of Lyleton.

Aug. 26 - Sept. 2: Rented cabin at South Beach in Gimli.  Linda met us at McGregor on the 26th & stayed until after lunch on the 29th . Wayne, Cynthia and the kids visited Sat & Sunday. Geoff & Cheryl were there early Sunday. We all paddled. We had  an outdoor pool & a hot tub.

South Beach - Gimli

More pics..

Aug. 12 - 19: Rental cabin at Winnipeg Beach. Paddle and swim every day. Donna came up on Sunday for a visit. Jonah joined us for most of the week.

Winnipeg Beach Shoreline Photos

Winnipeg Beach Visit Photos

July 28 - Aug. 3: BC road trip to attend a memorial gathering for Bev's cousin Walter Lobban.

Trip Photos...

Walter's Memorial Gathering - Fruitvale

July 6: Did a voice-over for a very short part in Tom Mitchell's upcoming documentary about the Brandon Rapids. Visited Pearl & Scott to pick saskatoons.

June 30 - July 3: Family Gathering at Minnedosa.

More Pics

June 23: Visted Fort Desjarlais and the American Fort site with Brad Co, Bill Warren, Betty Mayes, & Ewen Mosby.

June 6: Heritage Mtg. Dromore Lake. Fish Lake Cemetery Visit.

TM-SP Heritage Association - at Fish Lake Cemetery

June 1: Great paddling on the Little Saskatchewan with Wayne & Brent.


Little Saskatchewan River

May 30: Work trip - Hartney and Reston.  Photographed a moose and calf  near the Lauder Sandhills.

Near Lauder

April 27: Ken travelled to Wawanesa and did a presentation to Grade 6 students from Southhwest Horizon Schhool Division  on the Topic of Metis History. In the groups were several children of his former students from Melita and Souris.

April 19: Wayne, Brent and I paddled the Little Saskatchewan, Kirkham's Bridge route on a beautiful afternoon. Great conditions.

The view from the old Hydro Dam site. The rapids were at their best. More photos...
About paddling...

Ken is helping Tom Mitchell with his documentary about the Brandon Rapids. One plan is for Ken & Wayne to film them from a canoe. Bev & I were just checking river levels.

April 11: Ken went to Hartney to tour the old town hall with Gordon Goldsboro. Gordon creates short videos and radio broadcasts about heritage sites called
"Abandoned Manitoba" and is working on a book.

Gordon's drone getting shots of the hall.

April 9: Geoff's birthday - Supper with Geoff, Cheryl and their friends at Carnivale - bowling. We stayed over.

News 2015

Dec 12: First CC Ski - on the ACC grounds across the street.

Dec 5: TMSP Heritage Mtg. - Vantage Points IV ready for sale.

Dec. 3: Hike at Souris Bend - 8 degrees.

Nov 14: Trip to Currie's Landing & Brandon Rapids with Tom M & and Chris J. Tom is working on a documentary about the rapids - Ken is consulting on the project.

Oct. 30: Work related trip to Carberry, Belmont, Ninette & Killarney with a stop at the Farm and Rosehill. Walked the trail to Rosehill.

Oct 14 - 23: House sitting at Lindsay & Colin's in Winnipeg.
Tourism Highlights: Human Rights Museum, Exchange District & Downtown. Fort Garry Park, Dalnavert, Fork & Railway Museum, St. Boniface.  (Photos)

Sept. 28 - Oct. 7: San Fancisco Trip with Jonah.

Sept 9: Picnic at Cherry Point (site of a research project). Stops in Oak Lake, Findlay & Souris.

Aug. 23 - 30: Rented cabin near Sunset Beach, just south of Grand Beach. Visited Grand Beach and Victoria Beach.
On 29 & 30th Bev was joined by Linda, Cynthia, Pearl & Ashley. Ken was sent home.

Aug. 15 - 22: We returned to the rental on Willow Island. Did lots of paddling, including a trip around the island.

We took a quick trip to the Winnipeg Beach area while Jonah and Geoff were at a Bomber game.

July 16-19: Storie Family Reunion

The new home of our annual Family Reunion.

July 5 - 10: Willow Island

The view from the front yard of our Willow Island rental.

June 26 - 28: Wallace Family Gathering - Minnedosa Beach Campground

June 1: Moved into our condo. Jonah moved in to his.

Ken's  office. He works hard.

April 29: Bev and I went to Killarney, Melita, Pierson and Copley area about ongoing heritage projects.

A former Safeway Store in Killarney

Mid February to eatly March - Road Trip - we vistied Donna and Dave at South Padre Island Texas, for a week, spent time in Corpus Christi and Galveston. (See Photos)

The view from Donna and Dave's Timeshare on South Padre Island, Texas

Oct 1: Hike at Camp Hughes

Oct 10: Work Trip to Deloraine

Westhall Station

Oct 5: Back from 10 day tour of Northeastern US with Geoff.
Highlights included: Wisconsin Dells, Cleveland & Canton Ohio, Chicago, Manitowok and Green Bay Wisconsin.

Travel Pics

View of Cleveland Warerfront from the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

More at Travel Gallery...

Sept. 18: Balloon Ride in Winnipeg with Jerry. Bev had given me the tickets for my birthday and we got to use them on a great day.

More at: http://www.virtualmanitoba.com/Gallery/WinnipegByBalloon/index.html

Sept. 12: Tea at Hobb's Manor in honour of Mom. Very well attended.

Aug. 15 - 23: Willow Island rental.



Our spot on the beach.

July 18-20: Reunion

July 12: Grant & Carol's 40th

Hecla - See More pics....

June 29 - July 3: North Dakota Trip. Fargo.Bismarck. Forts and Mandan Villages. Garrison Dam.Minot.

Mandan Village Reconstruction - Fort Abraham Lincoln Park


May 6: Wawanesa Music presentation

April 15-22: Road trip to Kansas City. Dave and Donna showed us the city and a nice city it is.

See People Highlights

See the Photo Album

Feb. 18: Work trip to Hartney / Dand / Deloraine area.

News 2013

We moved into Donna and Dave's as resident caretakers while they spend the winter in Kansas City. Jonah joins us.

On Nov 28 I accompanied Geoff on a short visit to San Francisco where Geoff had tickets to a 49er's game.
They won.
Other highlights included a bus tour, a harbour cruise around Alcatraz Island, good long walks around Fisherman's Wharf and the harbour area
with more than adequate refreshment stops, a long walk from the harbour to Union Square,  a great Mexican meal in a downtown restaurant,
great experiences with the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and the Caltrain, etc....

Dec 1:
Candlestick Park. San Francisco Forty-Niners vs. St. Louis Rams.

San Francisco Bay - Alcatraz Island in the background.

Oct. 23:  Work trip to Deloraine and Lauder

Site of the Coal Mines south of Deloraine

Oct. 10:  Hiking and exploring in Riding Mtn. Park

Sept. 28 :  Paddling on the Souris River with Wayne and Brent

A short trip on the Souris starting at the old Riverside Bridge on Highway #10. My first trip through any sort of rapids and rocks.

See more...

Sept. 24 : 
Souris Bend Hike

The Rapids before Lang's Crossing

Sept 15:  32 km Paddle on the Assiniboine starting at Stockton Ferry with Wayne and Brent.

My first paddleboard trip. I'm on Wayne's board while he's on the new inflatable board we were trying out.
Started at 10:30 at Stockton Ferry, finished at about 6 at Spruce Woods. Tried both boards and Brent's kayak.

See more..

Aug. 26 - Sept 1:
Cabin at Winnipeg Beach. Great warm weather.

Aug. 21-23:
South Beach Casino Hotel / Grand Beach
While there we visited Gull Lake and Stead and watched a great storm

Slide Show...

August 11 - 13:  
Minnedosa camping trip with Linda, Joan & Ruth.
Hiked the Farnklin - Bethany section of the TC Trail.

Slide Show...

Trans Canada Trail Photos...

July 16: Mountain Road day trip. Minnedosa, Scandinavian, Big Valley, Polonia

July 13:
Road trip with Jerry and his friend Oliver, who was visiting from Ottawa.
Peace Gardens, Turtles Back hike at Lake William, Mayfair Hutterite Colony and supper in Killarney.

View from Turtle's Back Tower

July 7-14:
Rented cottage in Sandy Hook. Linda, Pearl, Ashley and Betty-Lynn came up on Friday and Ken came home.

Sandy Hook beach

July 5: Bev and I spent the afternoon at the Rivers Centennial homecoming, promoting the new Heritage Website Ken
developed and gathering more heritage photos and info.

June 28-30: Family Gathering (Bev's side) at Minnedosa Campground. Ken, Geoff
and Wayne paddled a stretch of the Little Saskatchewan.

June 21: Met with the Museum Committee in Baldur. Travelled home via the back roads through Greenway,
Dry River, Mariapolis, St. Alphonse and Bruxelles.

St. Alphonse

June 5: Bev & I hiked the Elk Trail in the Souris Bend Wildlife Management Area.

Back road between Highway #2 and Oak Lake Beach.

Overlooking the Souris - Lang's Crossing Trail

Wawanesa (More Photos)

Feb. 10 & 26 Daily Ski - our self-made trail  trail starts near our parking lot.