Will J.
and Edna (Johnson) Young
Thomas and
Ruby (Campbell) Storie
Robert and
Mary (Fleger) Wallace
Cliff and
Gladys (Anderson) Reshaur

This is the story of the joining of the Wallace and Storie families.
And before that, the joining of the Storie and Young families. 
It traces the Storie family, through the union of the Storie and Campbell families, and before that the Campbell / Grumett and the Storie /  Brisneham families.
It traces the Young family and its union with the Johnsons.
On Bev's side it follows the union of the Wallace and Fleger families as well as the Reshaur and Anderson families.

It's complicated.

Ken's Side of the Family

The Stories

The Youngs

Bev's Side of the Family

The Wallaces

The Reshaurs

Wallace / Reshaur Family Gatherings  (2009..._)

Our Parents & Us

Cliff, Iris & Family

Ken & Bev

Storie Family Reunions