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Douglas Street

In November of 72 we moved into a Low Income housing unit on Douglas Steet. Our only source of income at the time was from the band and my bursary. We set the bursary aside for our planned trip to England and scraped by on the $200 a month. Rent was $42.


Being a parent was the big change in our lives, and we liked it.

We owned so few possessions that we were able to move with the help of Matt McCarty and his station wagon. We bought some new furniture at the Sears Discount Centre. Total expenditure less than $250 for the Loveseat, tables, lamps, and waterbed.

Our recollection is that 72/73 year was a busy one. In the fall of 72 I left my job at B.A. Robinson to enroll in the Faculty of Education and obtain my Teaching Certificate. The Band was busy.  Having gone through a year of experimentation with an expanded lineup that included horns and extra percussion, we had settled back into a four-man basic rock n' roll unit and profits were higher. Having Jonah around also helped keep us busy. I did student teaching at Neelin High School.

Rainy Read (Daughter of Rick, one of my classmates in B.U. Education. Rick was an American who ended up in Manitoba playing baseball at Souris. He decided he liked it here.)

At Al and Darlene's

Getting the hang of that "Walking" thing.

Getting our passports was a big deal

At some time in 1972 we developed the idea that we should see a bit of the world, and we settled on England as a place to start. The planning took place at many a Friday night gathering with Donna and Dave and soon included Jerry and Betty. It's something we all look back on with fondness and a bit of pride. None of us had any real money, and some of us didn't even have "real" jobs, but we were able to save by keeping our lives simple and setting the trip as a priority.

The trip itself was amazing. We took a charter flight to Gatwick airport where a rented van was waiting for us. For three weeks we roamed England, Wales and Scotland aimlessly, and relatively cheaply!

London, May 1973 - A Street Photographer took this photo - took our payment, and sent us the prints by mail later.
We treasure this photo - and over the years we've taken many more trips with Donna and Dave.

London 1973

A good part of the winter of 73 was spent planning our trip to England.

Linda's Shower


Summer of 73

I had a summer position with Rural Step. We lived at the old lodge on Hecla Island for the summer. Myself and three other new teachers supervised 20 High School students in a Work-Study program. In the mornings we worked at various jobs related to the newly designated Provincial Park, and in the afternoons we worked on High School courses.

Other supervisors included Heather Robertson, Joanne and Spiro.


Three Dog Night with T-Rex - Wpg Arena 

The Dogs openned with the big hit Shambalya and closed with it!

T-Rex was a wall of noise, sound systems hadn't mastered the arena acoustics.