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The Historic Resources Branch is now developing a project called “Notable People” that will build on these successes. The project will build upon the work done in Special Places Projects and be a logical next step in helping communities develop the necessary processes, protocols and products that will lead to a deeper appreciation and celebration of local heritage. It will also put in place the messages and frameworks that will initiate the community into the kind of sophisticated dialogue that defines heritage activity in the 21st century.

As of  2011 I have produced Notable Projects for 4  Urban and Rural Communities in Manitoba.

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Specific Goals:

1) to prepare an overview of resources and collection of pertinent facts and information (an inventory);

2) to analyze the inventory and collected information to gain a better understanding of what a community has in terms of heritage resources; and

3) to work with the community to evaluate the contributions made by citizens in various walks of life.

The Notable People Inventory

A typical inventory will include scores of people, perhaps up to 200, selected from a carefull examination of available local history volumes. A short biographical entry is made for each person deemed to have had some lasting influence on the developement of the community.


After an alalysis of the biographical entries a representative selection is used as a base for a document entitled "We Made...." which offers a more detailed look at contributions by individuals. The purpose is to highlight the various types of contributions made by looking at key occupations and key areas of community community involvement.

Uses of the Materials Produced


For individuals and groups interested in promotions, the solid facts, contextual sweep will ensure that residents and visitors will receive as thorough and nuanced a message as possible. Perhaps the information can be used by teachers to inspire their students to undertake their own heritage projects. With the increasing power and reach of the Internet, some of the information might be placed on the community website.

Summary of Benefits to Municipalities

- Accurate and thorough base of heritage information (good for planning exercises, heritage questions and references, etc.)
- Raising community interest in heritage
-  Increased knowledge of community’s founding people