Smokey Hollow Resort


The one where there was no campfire and no golf!

But we didn't let the weather get us down!

(10th Anniversary Memories)

Bowling Championship Match

It was Carol and Grant's 34th Anniversary. Carol still fits into the same bathing suit she had ten years ago!

Can you spot the person who isn't really into this conversation?

Milling about. Finally a nice day, just as we're getting ready to go home.

Dancing with  the Stars

The Bomber lost - nothing else matters...

The famous "Kitchen Conference"

There obviously weren't enough chairs.

Tara models her wedding dress.


Jerry & Geoff see things differently

Mom is pretty exited. Sophie, not so much.

The Tenth Anniversary Memories Page

Random Memories, Highlights and Lowlights  (As recorded at the 2008 Reunion)

Carol fell out of the van, for no good reason. (What would be a good reason?)

The "Joke" (Retold this year.)

Pam's photo of Mom Dad and Jonah "Is it Over Yet?"

The Baseball Game

The Jokes: Particularly one night at Kenosse and once at Ditch Lake

The first "Pretty Woman" - it just won't go away.

The night the "Second Generation" started doing the dishes.

Cooking breakfast over the campfire - Deb and Dave in charge.

Open-fire cooking in general (mmmm... corn) at Kenosee

The night of the two broken axes (ours still works- Dave fixed it real good)

The Family Reunion Songbook (A Classic) and the Little Flashlights

Remember whe we could have a fire? Remember the Late fireside visits?

Additions to the family (Some involving childbirth and some through less painful, but equally expensive, processes)

Board Games at Arrow Lake - Rain Days

The Great Facebook Debate - even those of us on the "No" side use it now.

Issac Dancing

The Bobbit Song

Luca gets his first swing ride


Breakfast at the Golf Club in Kenosee


Canoeing at Arrow Lake

Jonah and Geoff see a bear at Ditch Lake

Mini  Golf & Tennis

Nicoile and Luca fell out of the chair.

Ben's Frisbee moves

Mom on the swings

Sundaes with lots of topings

Dale and Cari get lost

Dave brings a telescope so we can see Mars (it was supposed to be close that year)

Carol and Dale waiting at Kenosee, resort to drowning ants to keep amused.

Kids found moles or mice or...

Tim trys to steal a hay bale by rolling it away

The salamander

Carol drinks beer for the first time - and hasn't quit since. (Se had run out of wine)

Highland Dave, Dancing Dave, Happy Feet Dave - soon to be a haunting memory

Showers (bridal)

Geoff slept in the Hammock - Tim in a tent.