Writing / Ken Storie:  Thoughts on Sustainability

I would like to suggest that Brandon needs a "Walking in Brandon Committee", that would review and examine both existing and future developments to ensure that environmentally friendly modes of transportation are encouraged and supported.

The key to doing this would be to make sure that any decision-making group has members who regularly choose to walk, bike, and/or take public transportation as they go about their daily business.  The key is "daily business". As an example, people who bike for recreation have different priorities and needs from those who bike to work, or to shop.

Brandon is a very car-friendly city, and that's OK. What we need to do as we move forward is think about making it a "sustainable transporation city". This is complex and we may need to re-think some of our habits. The good news is that we're well-positioned to take the necessary steps. We're a small city and most citizens live relatively close to where they work, shop and play. Walking and biking is realistic here for almost everyone - we needn't be fitness freaks and marathon runners. We already have pretty good sidewalks and bike paths in many areas.

We're ready for the next step - making Brandon the ideal place to start ending our reliance on the car.

To give an example of just a few of the things one should consider, I offer a little tour of just one part of our city. My tour took place in the winter - which is important because we don't want to make environmentally friendly transportation intitiatives just a summer thing.

I don't think we need to spend a fortune to address many of the issues I bring up. Instead I think the important thing is that we start seeing the infrastructure though the eyes of someone who, through choice or circumstance, isn't driving a car.

A Pedestrian Perspective on

Transportation Infrastructure and Maintenance