Ron Gould,  Ken Storie,  Millie Gould, Larry Gould, Lloyd Gould

When Bev and I moved to Princess Harbour in the summer of 1973 I had every reason to believe that my days as a Rock n’ Roll guitarist were over. Everyone considered it a young person’s game. It just seemed that graduation, marriage and career meant that one puts away one’s childhood toys and enters the real world. I accepted that.

I look back now on the next four years as more of a temporary retirement when family and career were our focus. I still played my guitar, bought records and went to concerts. Nothing about my interests changed.

In 1977 I took a teaching job at Melita School and we moved to Napinka, a small town nearby. Through a friend and co-worker I met some local musicians – a couple, Lloyd and Millie Gould, and their two sons, Ron and Larry, who played a mixture of old-time and old rock n’ roll.

The Gould family, all from Napinka and area, had been playing as "The Cabarets" for many years when they asked me to join in 1978. 

I have fond memories of the many socials we played in the time I was with them. We were a popular choice for NewYear's Eve socials, and I remember the time Ron told me that they'd decided to accept the offer from Grand Clairiere - because they served the best supper! And I believe he was right.

It’s interesting to note that although I only played with them for a short time, we keep crossing paths. In fact as I write this on a Wednesday afternoon 35 years after the events I’m relating, I’m looking forward to practicing with Ron and his son in a few days. (See, "Along For The Ride"

And in between I spent years in another band with Larry in Armadillo. (It’s a long story.)

Larry & Millie

Lloyd and Ron