Here's what I'm working with these days.

Got the Ric 360-12 in 98 - ordered from Fred's Music in Shilington PA. Got the Telecaster from Bev for Christmas in 2001.

Bought the Les Paul at Ted Good's Music in Brandon in 1983, and the Strat there in 1996.

Got the Gretsch in 2021, and the SG in 2011

The Marshall is a 1972 Model that once resided in the Cantina. (Thank you KRD)

I mainly use this little Boss Katana...

I also have a Fender accoustic (Gemini H)...from the 80's. a Yamaha 12 String and a Takamini G-Series accoustic-electric.


Over the years I've traded and sold a few (some that I should have kept).

I was using a Twin but sold it recently. Was looking for something about half that weight!

Bought the Epiphone Emperor Swingster in 2018. After buying my Gretsch I traded it on the Boss Katana 50 amp  and Yamaha Accoustic 12 String.

Got the 2 Gretsch Electromatics around 2012 - but didn't get much use out of either, so I sold them and bought the Epiphone.


Ibanez and Guild. Got lots of use out of the Ibanez in the late 80's and early 90's. Bought the Guild at a pawn shop, repaired it, then sold it. I see the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame has one on display that Paul Stanley used to use.

I used a Strat with a Peavey amp back in the early 80's.

About that time I bought the first Roland Synth model - the GR 303.

Stock Photos

Using my Roland in 1983.

Mine as modified by Bill Hillman.
In Blind Justice I used a Gibson SG, first with a Garnet BTO, then with a Kustom. This is my second SG.

The best shot of the SG this one of our son Geoff rockin' out....

Me wirh my Kustom...

The BTO...

My first SG - at Curran Park in 1971.

In Clown I used my Hagstrom (here with a natural finish) with a Traynor amp and a distortion pedal. While in Clown I bought my first SG.

In The 8th St. Bridge I used my Hagstrom (original red finish) with a Fender Bandmaster and an extra Garnet cabinet)