Local History Materials

The Goal - Accessible Resources - Saving Time

The Rationale - Knowing the Subject is a first step.

Why Use Local Content? Connections

Vantage Points


Vantage Points Resources


Virtual Manitoba





Westman Oral Histories

Images of Manitoba Towns

Manitoba Historical Society

People / Museums / Historical Societies  / Libraries & Archives

Selected Strategies

Best practice:

- when in doubt....produce content

books, maps, videos, podcasts, websites, displays, collections

- Connect with controversy and contemporary issues

- use art to display history – create

- Connect with the unique elements of a community – POW Camps / the unexpected ***

- Make it personal

- use today's technology

- connect artifacts to experience – touch – see - build – use
- use photos to stimulate questions

Some Examples


Text Material:

If someone created this today, what would be different?
What tools and materials were used to create it?

Time Lines:

Make one...
Adapt one...


Compare maps of town in past and present. Draw a map illustrating the town in the future.


Ask questions about the map.

Artifacts: Museum Items

Can you name a similar item today?

Cemetery Study

Look for names that are found throughout town (names of schools, streets, ponds, etc.).

***Regional Highlights

Beautiful Plains

Thomas Seton, Camp Hughes, Edrans & Sidney Brickyards, Firdale/PineCreek Big Fill,

Park West

Fort Ellice, Carleton Trail, Shoal Lake NWMP, Riding Mtn HBC Post and Sawmill (Elphinstone), Asessippi
** Highway 83 Video idea...

Fort LaBosse

Fort LaBosse, Gopher Creek, CPR, The Aud, Oil, Colonization Companies

Turtle River

Thunderbird Nest, Sunville Greek Orthodox Church, WEstern Gypsuk Co.