Oak Lake Resort


This about sums it up - thanks for posting the photo Pam & Lindsay

Honouring Grant & Carol's 40th.... Maybe honouring is too strong a word.

Pam's Post.. see her facebook page.

Tina's photo...nice one.

Forever in Blue Jeans

Carol talks
But Grant don’t sing and dance and they won’t walk
And as long as she can have him there with her
They’d both rather be
Forever in blue jeans
Beer tastes great
But it don’t make the Bombers Rider bait
And if things don’t go their way
Grant can still spend his days
Golfing in blue jeans
Maybe tonight
She’ll tell that 40 buck joke by the fire
Nothing around but the sound of the Storie's debate (yeah)
Grant can cook
But Carol still fits that t-shirt that gets all the looks
And although he wants her there with him
She just might just be away
Stitching in blue jeans

Grandkids are sweet
And ain’t it neat when they live just down the street?
And what we’d like to say
Is that they will be OK
Forever in Blue Jeans