In 2009, when we returned to Brandon after a few years in Gimli, it was once again an old friend that got me back into playing.

Dave Laco had been playing with Misty Street for some time and they needed a guitar player.

This was something different for me. Misty Street was essentially a partnership between singer-songwriters Mariah Phillips and Greg Gibson who had recorded an album and performed as either a duet or a band - depending on the situation. Myself, Dave, and Don Carnegie on bass were sort of the touring band - if by touring one means playing live electric gigs in Brandon bars and socials.

It was an opportunity to play some newer material and they were all good musicians.

We played eveything from Katy Perry pop to eighties rock with some country and "whatever" thrown in aoing with a few originals from their album.

In the end it just wasn't working for Greg and Mariah. I don't think the lineup suited the material and we never gelled as a unit.  I was relieved when they called it off, and not surprised when after a time they re-formed. But we played some nice gigs and I enjoyed our time together.  Although I didn't enjoy all of  the material,  challenge is always good - playing is always good.

 As I'm revising this account in 2016, Don and I are working together in Crossfyre and having a great time.

They have since restarted the "electric" aspect of their show with a new lineup and continue to perform in the Brandon area.

Misty Street at the All Charities Event, Sept 2009, Winnipeg Convention Centre

... the other side of the stage.

North Forty - July 2009

North Forty - July 2009

Souris - April 2010