Billy at Classic Rock 2000

As related elswhere, Connexion evolved into Billy after I left the group, and some years later I was brought back into the fold.

The story is told in the "Connexion" section, but here are a few graphics etc, from the website I set up at the time.

** Original Drawing by Tess Wigmore

The Portfolio

Who are these guys? Well they're not a bunch of young guitar wizards on a mission of sonic destruction , (Well - except for Tom). And they're not a bunch of aging Rock n' Roll veterans with Les Pauls full of old Led Zeppelin licks. (Except, perhaps, for Ken). They are five very individual musicians, one of whom is into the difficult task of singing Tragically Hip songs while maintaining a precise lock on the intricate drumming required (Enter... Dave). One of whom can scream out the words to an older AC/DC or Cult song - or maybe something newer from Collective Soul - all the while keeping that bass groove happening (That would be Mark). And one of whom can move effortlessly from the vocal requirements of a U2 song to something off the recent charts by Tonic, or The Mathew Good Band. (Introducing... Scott).