n June of 2001 I had served my time and was ready to retire from teaching. We were ready to try living somewhere else and, lacking imagination and wealth, we selected Winnipeg.

Shortly after settling, I answered an ad in a website for  local musicians. I went out to a studio near Tuelon where I met Larry, Glenn and Denton, who were working on starting a Classic Rock group. They had tons of experience and we seemed to be on the same page as far as skills and apptitude went.

And coincidences appeared. I have mentioned that Brandon is a small scene where musician keep bumping in to one another.

Well it turns out that Manitoba is not so big.

Back in my college days, when I was playing with Blind Justice and Clown, the City Centre Hotel, which still sits on Tenth and Pacific, opened its doors as a Rock n' Roll bar. It featured bands from Winnipeg, and one of the first I remember seeing was called the Puckerton Beach Band. I recall being impressed.

It turns out that Larry and Denton were in that band.

Denton had been a guitar player but he had now switched to bass. Larry was on drums. Glenn played keyboards. They all had toured western Canada with bar bands. Denton had worked extensively as a sound tech and had toured across the US with the post-Cummings Guess Who. He operated a studio which was a great place to rehearse.

Denton and Larry both sing but they wanted to add a singer / frontman to make us even more versatile. We found Laury and rehearsed once a week until our first gig on New Year's Eve in a Winnipeg bar.

For more info, I'll link to the Band Website I set up at the time, but to make a short story shorter, I took as job in Grenfell Saskatchewan in the spring of 2002 and had to leave. For reason that had nothing to do with me leaving I believe they moved on to other projects and I've lost touch with them.

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